The story so far…

ross mcginnes

Hi, I’m Ross McGinnes, and I’ve worked in digital content for 20 years.

Fresh out of university armed with an English degree, I joined the Press Association as a sports reporter in 1997. I helped pioneer the syndication of sport content while writing and subbing for the PA Sport wire and Teletext.

It was the dawn of the New Media age, giving rise to a digital arm named PA New Media. We started pushing web content boundaries, invented Ananova – the world’s first virtual newscaster – and changed our name to just that. Orange liked what we were doing, so bought us in May 2000.

We were now presented with the challenge of providing engaging content for over eight million customers. Most people had a black and white phone the size of a brick, but you could play Snake on them, which was pretty cool.

Fifteen years at Orange followed, where I worked on groundbreaking content alongside some of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic experts in the industry. As phones got smaller yet more powerful, we found inventive ways of getting even more great, personalised content on them. Playing Snake wasn’t quite so cool any more.

Fast forward a few years and we now had over 20 million customers to entertain. Phones started getting bigger, and a whole world of possibilities opened regards the fantastic content we could put on them. Oh, and people started playing Snake again, because it was retro and therefore cool in an ironic way.

In 2015, when EE decided to take Orange in a different direction (by killing it), I skipped off into the sunset with my redundancy cheque. Now, after spending some quality time with my family, it’s time to put those 20 years’ worth of knowledge, skills and ideas into practice for myself.

Thanks for reading,